Still looking for an XLR adapter for your camera? This could be something to check out. The CX471 is an older version of the Juicedlink CX431. It still has phantom power on two channels and provides gain and volume adjustment all in a single package but is missing some of the more modern features like AGC disable and 3.5mm inputs. Still, if you’re looking for a simple method to power a shot gun microphone and feed it into your camera or connect multiple wireless units, this has everything you’ll need.

Not sure what the original retail price was, but right now on ebay there is a Juicedlink CX471 listed, current auction price is $1 plus $12 shipping with two days left. The price will probably go higher, but if it stays under $100 it could be a very good bargain. Even at $150 I would still consider this a pretty good value.

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