If you are in the market for a ultra wide angle fish eye lens for your full frame camera, the Canon 8-15mm f4 lens is top notch, which means you’ll pay a top notch price. Although not quit as wide and not quit as fish eye as the Canon 8-15, the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens will cover a full frame sensor at a 15 to 16mm focal length. Beyond that it starts to resemble the look of the Canon 8-15mm at an 8 to 10mm focal length.

Although the Tokina 11-16mm isn’t quit as wide, it still provides a similar¬†look at about half the price. If you’re moving up from a crop sensor to full frame camera and already own the¬†Tokina 11-16mm, you might consider giving it a try on your full frame body before you put it up for auction. It could provide the perfect look for skateboarding or action videos.

On a side note, at the time I was filming this video I only had the Canon 5d mark III and my cellphone with me. The auto focus of the Droid3 doesn’t quit do what you want it to when you’re trying to film something with no one behind the camera. The footage ended up slightly out of focus and kind of grainy. My phone might not have been the best choice for shooting B-roll, so there you have it.

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