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17Dec Canon 5d mark II price drop $1599 with extras

Even with the release of the 5dMKIII and 6d the Canon 5d mark II is still a very good full frame camera. If you’re on a budget, but still want to move up, B&H is offering the Canon 5d mark II with extra battery, grip, and 16GB card for $1599. Just add it to your […]

26Aug Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 on a full frame camera for that wide angle and fish eye look

If you are in the market for a ultra wide angle fish eye lens for your full frame camera, the Canon 8-15mm f4 lens is top notch, which means you’ll pay a top notch price. Although not quit as wide and not quit as fish eye as the Canon 8-15, the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens […]

21Aug Used Gear watch: Canon 5d mark II

The Canon 5d mark II is still a great camera for stills and video. With it’s Full frame sensor, good low light performance, and Magic Lantern supported firmware, it’s great for video and good for photography.  Since the release of the 5d mark III the MKII has been falling in price dramatically on the used market. I’ve seen prices […]

11Jul Canon 5d mark II price drop

The price keeps dropping, right now B&H is offering up the Canon 5d mark II with some free extras for just $2079. I recommend you go with the free extra LP-E6 battery if you’re in the market. Meanwhile the used price of the Canon 5d mark II continues to drop. Just scrolling through listings this morning I’ve seen […]

01Apr Canon 5d mark III Hands on Video and my first impressions.

So far I’m very pleased with the 5d Mark III’s performance, although I will need to spend some more time testing the audio inputs. As of right now I’m not sure if it’s the camera or the mic that is the source of the noise and I haven’t had a chance to test out other microphones yet. More […]

20Sep Big Canon announcements coming soon?

If you like speculation about what Canon plans to do with there camera line, I highly recommend you check out Canonrumors.com. They usually have the scoop on events, rumors, and patent filings for Canon products. This one is very interesting and a little strange. Canon has released a lot of DSLR cameras over the years and I […]

18Mar Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor out in the wild.

George Marsh picked up the Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor and was kind enough to send in a couple of pictures of the Haier monitor in action.  He has the monitor mounted on top of his Canon 5d Mark II with a Juicedlink DIY107 bracket. The Haier monitor is mounted to one of those Very […]