George Marsh picked up the Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor and was kind enough to send in a couple of pictures of the Haier monitor in action.  He has the monitor mounted on top of his Canon 5d Mark II with a Juicedlink DIY107 bracket. The Haier monitor is mounted to one of those Very low price ($6.95)  and he has his Juicedlink DT454 on the other side of the bracket to provided audio monitoring and a good preamp.

George also pointed out that his copy of the Haier monitor needed no rethreading. I’ve heard this repeated by a number of others. I would guess my copy may have had a defect and that no rethreading is necessary on any of the models that were built correctly. That makes the Haier 7″ monitor even more of a Bargain.

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