Carlos Calika wrote in:

I’m a Portuguese filmmaker, and I’m very interested in the Okii usb Follow focus. Does the Sigma 30mm f1.4 perform well with the Okii follow focus?

I’ve been meaning to test every lens in my collection with the Okii follow focus so this was a good excuse to put another lens to the test. The results are a mixed bag. After working with the Okii usb follow focus for a few months I’ve kind of soured to the idea of using it as a follow focus. The 3 step settings work well with some lenses but not with others. You can edit the source code to set the step size up for each lens, but when you’re filming this isn’t a very handy option.

I still love the control over the camera that the Okii usb follow focus gives you. But I end up bring my mechanical follow focus with me when I travel. Meaning now I have 2 peaces of gear where before I only had one. To the defense of the Okii follow focus, the noise levels in the video are in large part due to my canon 7d. If you get more then 4 feet away from the camera you probably wont notice the lens motor that much. Also there is a little bit of shake in the test. This is because I have the Okii mounted on an arm attached to the Rig and I bumped it a few times while turning the knob.

If you find the results to be what you’re looking for then the Okii usb follow focus might be a good options, if not, you might want to consider a mechanical follow focus instead. I’ve had great luck with my DFOCUS follow focus and there are a .

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