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03Mar Noob 5d Mark III yard sale: Haier 7 inch monitor

I’ve used this monitor for all kinds of things and it’s done a pretty good job considering the price. I know the price of the Haier 7 inch monitor has gone up since I did the video review almost a year ago. But since you guys check out the site all the time you get […]

20May Haier HLT71 monitor battery adapter

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had ordered an adapter that might allow me to use my heavy duty 6800 mah battery with the Haier HLT71 monitor. The adapter finally showed up and I had a chance to test it out. Basically this allows you to convert the output of this battery to the input […]

22Apr Adding a larger battery to the 7″ Haier monitor

I’ve received a number of e-mails asking about larger battery solutions for the Haier 7″ monitor. The short (less then 2 hours) battery life just doesn’t seem to cut it for a lot of people. You could spend $25 on a direct from Haier 2200 mAh battery (if you can find one), but that would […]

18Mar Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor out in the wild.

George Marsh picked up the Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor and was kind enough to send in a couple of pictures of the Haier monitor in action.  He has the monitor mounted on top of his Canon 5d Mark II with a Juicedlink DIY107 bracket. The Haier monitor is mounted to one of those Very […]

17Mar Haier 7″ HLT71 Video review.

So after spending a few days with the Haier 7″ monitor I had a chance to run all the tests I could think of. I also spent some time going through all the settings in the menu. The color and contrast aren’t amazing out of this monitor, and the screen isn’t extremely bright. But It will […]

15Mar Haier 7 Inch monitor, $44 and it works.

A number of you sent e-mails requesting a full review of the Haier 7″ HLT71 monitor. So I went ahead and picked one up. As you can see it showed up today and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. First thing to note is that it’s actually lighter and thinner (1/4″ thinner) then my Lilliput […]

09Mar Haier 7 inch monitor for $44, is it any good?

So I’ve seen this monitor pop up before, but the last time I  looked, the price tag was over $100. It seems the fine company that everyone has heard of (Haier) has discontinued production on their 7 inch hand held LCD TV.  Which means the price has been cut in half. 44 dollars gets you a […]