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21Jan Flashpoint DSLR Camera Cage – First impressions

The Flashpoint DSLR Camera cage showed up while I was out of town over the weekend. A few of you were asking if the cage had enough room for a battery grip, the answer is yes. In fact you can loosen the two thumb screws on either side of the unit to adjust the height up […]

18Mar Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor out in the wild.

George Marsh picked up the Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor and was kind enough to send in a couple of pictures of the Haier monitor in action.  He has the monitor mounted on top of his Canon 5d Mark II with a Juicedlink DIY107 bracket. The Haier monitor is mounted to one of those Very […]

25Feb More on Adding audio monitoring to your DSLR.

As promised here is the how to video guide, along with a quick demo. Yes My headphones are lime green, I know. Back on subject, you’ll notice in the video that the Red HDMI cable is plugged in and working at the same time as the usb-composite adapter (Canon AVC-400ST is the proper name). Since […]