Canon’s EOS-M camera is one of the only digital cameras in Canon’s lineup with a flange distance that’s small enough to support a speedbooster type adapter. Electronically, it’s also the easiest to adapt to Canon EF mount lenses. This video above appears to be showing a prototype version of a Speedbooster being used with an EOS-M camera. The video bellow also demonstrates the exact same thing.

Right now you can pick up a Canon EOS-M body for as little as $200 on ebay. With an adapter like this you’d be able to get an extra stop out of any full frame lens and get the look of a full frame sensor on a crop sensor body. You’d effectively have the low light performance sitting somewhere between the Canon 5d mark II and Canon 5d mark III in a smaller package as well as all the features a Canon t4i offers. Sure your auto focus system wont be great which means the photography side of things will suffer a bit, but for a $200 camera body I think it could end up being a very amazing film tool.

On top of that, we’ll most likely be seeing the much improved AF system on the new Canon 70d being propagated into another EOS-M type offering in the next 6 to 8 months. Although the video format isn’t the same, this could be a poor mans Black Magic Pocket Camera. If the adapter is released soon, it could actually end up betting the BMPCC to market.

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