Canon 7d (2 of 6)

I’ve had my Canon 7d around for a quit awhile, but I think it’s finally about time to let her go. It’s been a great camera for sports and the burst rate has always made the 7d a go to camera for anything action related. However, now with 2 5d mark III’s in my bag I’ve been using the 7d less and less.

As with most of my used gear, I’ll offer it up here first. If you guys down’t want it, the next stop is ebay. If you’re interested you can pick up my old Canon 7d with a Zeikos battery grip, 2 Canon batteries, Original box, Manual, and software, as well as the Canon AVC-DC400ST USB to RCA cable for $820 + $10 shipping.

If you are outside the United states, please contact me in advance as the shipping rates are for the United States only. If no one picks this up by the 19th it’ll be going on bay.



Canon 7d shutter count (1 of 1)

Here’s the shutter count.