I was searching for some 1/4 20 hardware and this Marshall monitor adapter kept showing up in the search results. The listed price is $16.04, that to me is priced a little high when you have cheaper options, but it looks nice and easy, so sure, I guess I can pay a little extra. But when I go to checkout I find that shipping is $7. This brings the price up to $23.04. Does it really cost $7 to ship something the size of my thumb? I doubt it.

In reality you can get the VariZoom Adjustable Swivel Shoe Mount (free shipping) that looks exactly the same as the Marshall adapter for $19.99, but when you see $16.04 and $19.99 in the lineup it’s easy to go for the one with a lower price. Then, when you’re not paying attention, in comes the inflated shipping charges to save the day.

It would be nice if everything had “price + shipping” listed next to it. Don’t include it in the price of the item and tell me it’s “free shipping” and don’t show me a much lower price, then mark up shipping costs by double or triple. I just want to know the exact price up front.

Alright I should go have some coffee and settle down.