I’ve been playing around with the Jangus Wi Stereo wireless adapter and so far it’s really managed to impress me. It delivers clean stereo audio from my Zoom h4n at 60 feet with very low latency. I still need to do more testing and get some exact measurements, but in the 3 video tests I’ve shot so far, audio and video are in sync.  More on this soon.

The Jangus is so handy that I went ahead and spent some time designing a camera mount for it. That’s a shot of my prototyping printer laying down the design above.

My first test was a full snap in case. The only problem with this is that it covers up the USB charging port. Acording to the Jangus description there will eventually be an “on-the-go” battery adapter that plugs in via USB and allows for up to 16 hours of use. So I decided to open up the mount a little bit more to make room for future expansion.

The final concept design has one part of the mounting case notched out, so that you have full access to the USB port. None of the controls are covered and most of the unit is left out in the open so that there is no chance of blocking the wireless signal.

The Jangus Wi Stereo transmitter is held secure by a notch in the back of the mounting case that allows the belt clip to snap into place. I still need to spend a few hours rounding off corners and making the design a little more 3d printer friendly, but other then that I think it’s pretty much done.

If the tests continue to go as well as they have been, I think the Jangus Wi stereo transmitter could be the perfect tool for wireless DSLR audio work. If so this mount should come in very handy. It’s certainly going to make testing a whole lot easier.

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