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20Feb Jangus Wi Stereo wireless DSLR Adapter

I’ve been playing around with the Jangus Wi Stereo wireless adapter and so far it’s really managed to impress me. It delivers clean stereo audio from my Zoom h4n at 60 feet with very low latency. I still need to do more testing and get some exact measurements, but in the 3 video tests I’ve shot so far, […]

18Feb Jangus Music Wi Stereo wireless system – First impression

The Jangus Music Wi JMWAL35 showed up in the mail yesterday and it looks extremely interesting. Basically this is a stereo wireless transmitter that operates on a 2.4GHz frequency. You might recognize that frequency from your wireless router or cordless phone laying around the house as it belongs to the 802.11 IEEE standard. In fact the Jangus website […]