I’ve been testing and using the Aputure VS-3 Field monitor for a few months now and it’s been a reasonably positive experience. The VS-3 sits in a sweet spot between higher end monitors and the sub $200 offerings. Features are pretty good for the price and it’s one of the few monitors that offers up audio level meters in its price range.

Aputure V-Screen VS-3 7 inch monitor  (1 of 4)

As mentioned in the video review I only really have two complaints. First, a monitor this size is a little on the large side for field work and second, the monitor never completely powers down when a battery is installed. If you leave a battery installed, it’ll drain down over night and you’ll need to recharge. Neither one of these are deal breakers, but they are items to keep in mind when hunting for a new field monitor.

Aputure VS-3 (7 of 12)

The only other monitor that competes with the Aputure VS-3 in this price range is the Lilliput 663 field monitor. It has a slightly higher resolution at 1280×800 and offers up a few more battery options. The trade off is that the the 663 is around 2.4 pounds without a battery installed while the VS-3 is 0.8 pounds, the VS-3 has built in audio level meters (which is a big plus for BMPCC users) while the 663 does not, and from what i’ve seen the image quality is better out of the box on the VS-3 when compared to the Lilliput 663. Still if you need the extra bit of resolution the Lilliput 663 field monitor should probably be on your list of monitors to consider.

Aputure VS-3 (1 of 12)

I’ve been writing about the VS-3 off and on for the last few months as I’ve been using it. You can check out these links for more images, firmware updates, and first impressions. Over all I think the price to value option the VS-3 offers is what makes it an attractive option as a field monitor.

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