Panasonic P55ST50
If you’re like me you picked up a large flat screen TV a few years ago. It still works just fine and you probably haven’t had a good enough reason to upgrade over the last however many years. However you still find yourself wondering through the TV section now and again looking at the new ultra thin panels with built in wifi and ultra deep black levels while thinking, maybe I could put the old TV in the bedroom and put one of these in the living room.

Well if that’s the case one of the best rated plasma screens of 2012, the Panasonic Viera ST50 is listed as an Amazon warehouse deal. The 60 inch model can be had for $1335¬†and the 50 inch model can be had for $737. I might have to take some measurements and see if I can talk my wife into this. We don’t really “need” a new TV but it sure does look beautiful, especially at that ¬†price.

Update: The 50 inch model has dropped down to $700