Canon t2i body S (2 of 6)

Even with two 5d mark III’s in my collection, I’ve continued to use a pair of Canon t2i bodies in my regular workflow. With Magic Lantern installed the t2i is still one of the best values for video shooters out there. Magic Lantern gives you full audio support as well as headphone monitoring and a whole list of other features in this tiny little package.

Canon t2i body S (1 of 1)

While I’ve enjoyed using the t2i for a number of years, I no longer need two of them in my collection. So as usual, when i’m about to ebay off my gear, I’ll offer it up to you guys first. Up for grabs is my Canon t2i body, with battery grip, 4 LP-e8 ¬†batteries (3 generic one canon), two chargers (one generic one Canon), 16gb sandisk card (with ML installed), original¬†AVC dc400st USB to RCA cable, Camera strap, and original box.

I’ve shot a lot of stuff on this camera and if you like, this can be yours for $350 + $10 shipping. Sorry in advance to the international readers as I’ll only be ship this in the US. If there aren’t any takers, this lovely camera will be going on ebay on monday.