Rocketfish ultra thin hdmi cables
Stiff inflexible HDMI cables can be a pain when trying to route them through a rig. For that reason I use a lot of the Mediabridge Flex series cables. They aren’t as thick as a normal cables and they don’t put force on connectors. The price is also only slightly higher than normal HDMI cables.

I’ve been happy with these cables for awhile now, but while I was at the NAB, i met a guy who went on and on about how much better Rocketfish ultra thin hdmi cables are. I found the note I added to my list to look into these and was glancing at prices for Rocketfish cables this morning. They’re roughly double the price of the Mediabridge Flex cables I use right now. I’m wondering if this is a case of over pricing with good branding (monster cables comes to mind) or if Rocketfish really makes an “amazing cable”.

So I thought I’d ask for your opinions. Have any of you used Rocketfish ultra thin hdmi cables? If so are they worth $22 for 5 feet? The Mediabridge Flex cables are about as flexible as a thick usb cable, are these Rocketfish cables any better? Let me know what you think.

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