I’ve always enjoyed my Zeikos battery grip for the Canon 7d, so I went back to them for my Canon t2i Battery Grip. The price is a little bit higher then some of the other brands but it’s still quit a bit lower then the Canon brand battery grip. The buttons feel very nice and solid, the click wheel feels very close to the one on the camera, and the rubberized grip and build match the T2i quit well.

In use the battery grip adds extra space for my large hands and provides the extra battery life I need. The only thing I’ve found to complain about this grip is that the battery compartment isn’t spring loaded. So when you twist the little release handle, you actually have to give it a gentle tug to remove the battery compartment from the grip. This could be a negative for some or a positive for others. I don’t mind it but I could picture someone taking a star off for it.

The Canon t2i batteries fit securely into the battery holder and each battery snaps into place firmly with a small clicking motion. As you can see from the picture I’m currently testing the Power2000 generic LP-E8 batteries (so far so good for $8.99, but I’ll give them a few more months). Besides that there really isn’t much else to say. The main thing to look for in a generic battery grip is build and button quality and this unit has both.

A few of you have recommended I give one of these Leather hand grips a try with the t2i, so I have one on order and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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