Sony URX-P03D 1

I haven’t seen a whole lot of news on the new Sony URX-P03D 2 channel UHF wireless system, maybe that’s because there is no word yet on shipping dates and pricing, or maybe it is because no one can remember the catchy name. Either way, this is an interesting little system.


Basically, the Sony URX-P03D is a two channel receiver that also allows you to mix an extra lav mic into the stream. They’ve managed to squeeze all of that into the form factor of a Sony UWP UHF system.

As of right now, the Sony URX-P03D is only listed on Sony’s international sites, and I haven’t seen any kind of big press release. This one is kind of flying under the radar. If I find out any more information on this interesting UHF system, I’ll let you know.

Update: Pricing appears to be $999 for the receiver only, so a single receiver will set you back as much as two full Sony UWP kits  which makes the URX far less interesting. Thanks to AndersM for finding the link!

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