The Lume Cube is an interesting concept. It provides a self-powered ultra compact high-intensity 6000k light source that fits in the palm of your hand. On top of that, the Lume Cube is waterproof, rechargeable and has the ability to be controlled by your cell phone via Bluetooth. Sounds like a Ginsu knife advertizement.

lume cube

The Lume Cube is obviously not the solution for every shooting environment, but the size and control make it an interesting option for action cam work, fill lighting, and more. Sometimes you just need a little bit of light, but you don’t want to carry a bunch of large LED panels around and 3 or 4 of these strategically mounted around a room via friction arm could give you a lot of options.

CRI is around 85, and 6000k isn’t quite ideal, but still, Bluetooth control of multiple lights sounds pretty attractive. At $79 for a single Lume Cube, the only other competitors I’ve seen are the Manfrotto Lumie 8, Ikan iLED, and the Aladdin Eyelight. None of these are waterproof or Bluetooth controlled, and all of them are much wider and less compact. On the other hand, the Manfrotto sports a CRI of 92 and a 5200k output, the Aladdin has a CRI of 95, and the Ikan is only $49.

Still, I might have to get my hands on a couple of these Lume Cubes for testing. I’m glad to see that these mini lights are starting to become popular.

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