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There are tons of very expensive audio adapters out there that allow you to mix XLR and 3.5 mm audio sources into your camera, sometimes you just need to feed two lav mics into your camera on the cheap. That’s where the $4.50 Hosa stereo breakout cable comes in handy. After all, most Lav mic kits (like the Sennheiser G3 units I use) have built-in amplifiers with controllable output settings which mean all you need is an easy way to bring audio into the left and right channels.

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There really isn’t much to it. The $4.50 Hosa adapter is just a breakout cable for the tip and ring connectors on the stereo plug. With it, you now have the option to feed to channels of audio into your camera.

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If you want to take things up a notch, grab yourself one of these right angle stereo adapters. This will give you a little bit of strain relief on your cameras microphone port.

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Also, if you use something like this Varavon Armer cage, the right angle stereo adapter gives you a nice solid place to clamp down on that will do an even better job of protecting your camera’s stereo mic input.

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All together the combination of Hosa stereo breakout cable and right angle stereo adapter will set you back about $8. It is a pretty decent combo if you are looking to feed two lav mics into something like the Panasonic GH4. If that is what you are trying to accomplish, it is a pretty decent investment.


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