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As a filmmaker, you know that cables end up on everything and the more cables you add to your rig the more of a rat’s nest it becomes. You can try to twist cables around the frame or use tie wraps, but maybe there is a better way, which is where Gear Tie comes in.

Gear Tie is basically a beefed up rubberized twist tie that’s designed for cable management. Bright colors make it easy to see, and far more reusable than standard trash bag twist ties.

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The usefulness of Gear Tie is pretty easy to see. Here I’ve used a few 3 inch Gear Ties to hold down a loose audio cable. It’s clean, easy, and keeps stuff out of the way.

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Bundling up groups of cables is also a good use for Gear Tie and if you get really fancy you could probably even support a paper script with this stuff. For a price of $2 to $5 Gear Tie is a pretty handy addition to any cable bag. I’ve ordered a few packs these Gear Tie and I think they’ve earned themselves a place in my kit.

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