The new Dell XPS 15 laptop showed up while I was out on the road. Thankfully or not, I’ve been sick for 2 days straight, so between medication, hot baths, and cough drops, I’ve been able to mess around with it. My first impression is that this beast is only slightly smaller then my old 17 inch HP, it’s defiantly lighter, but some of the design choices are a little strange.

For example, if you look at the laptop from the side you’ll notice a dramatically rounded cover plate on the optical drive. You’ll also notice that you’re left with a square section jutting out past the monitor. I would consider it to be average ugly. Even though I regret the stylistic choices made by Dell on the XPS 15, the performance makes up for it.

The built in speakers sound rich and full, the trackpad is large and supports multi touch, and every key has a satisfying click.  The power under the hood allowed me to watch 4 DSLR mov files with picture in picture in my premiere timeline in real time, and after I added the nvidia script hack, I bumped that number up to 7 with no problem.

I may feel a little self conscious setting the Dell XPS 15 next to a MacBook Pro, but i think the savings will keep me happy.

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