One of the things about the Catleap IPS 2560×1440 monitor that makes it so affordable is that there are no color controls or on screen controls built in. This saves money on the monitor, but means that color adjustments have to be made using the graphics card adjustment window. If you know any graphic design artiest or people that really care about proper color reproduction they’ll tell you that calibrating the color settings on your monitor can go a long way to improving the end result.

Thankfully I happen to know a number of graphic designers and one of them was kind enough to lend me her Spyder Express monitor calibration tool. It’s such a specialized tool that it can be hard to justify the price if you only need to use it for a day. Once I have a chance to sit down in front of the Catleap IPS 2560×1440 monitor and give it a full calibration, I’ll post a full review of the monitor and go over the steps required to calibrate it using the Spyder Express. I have the monitor dialed in pretty well by eye, but I think having it perfectly calibrated will really make it shine.

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