10Aug Datacolor Spyder 3 express monitor calibration tool for the YAMAKASI CATLEAP IPS display

One of the things about the Catleap IPS 2560×1440 monitor that makes it so affordable is that there are no color controls or on screen controls built in. This saves money on the monitor, but means that color adjustments have to be made using the graphics card adjustment window. If you know any graphic design artiest […]

12Jul Affordable 2560×1440 IPS editing monitor from YAMAKASI CATLEAP

I’ve always found it nice to edit on a single large monitor and for the past 2 years I’ve been relatively happy with the Hanns-G 28 inch screen I use. At 1920×1200, it gives me enough editing room to work, but I always find myself jabbing at the – and = key (or Alt scroll wheel if that’s […]