TorchLED bolt  (1 of 3)

The $7.99 wall wort showed up last night (thanks Amazon prime). The power plug is the correct size for the power tap and it seems to fit the TorchLED bolt very well. Everything powers up and I left the TorchLED on for about an hour to make sure the little power supply could keep up.

TorchLED bolt  (3 of 3)

The only issue I have with the little $7.99 wall wort┬áis that the cable is supposed to be 5.5 feet long. The unit that showed up has a cable length of a little less then 4 feet. Either way, you’re going to need an extension cord, but it would have been nice if you got what was advertised.

Regardless the $7.99 wall wort saves you about $20 compared to the Switronix power Supply which makes it a pretty good deal.

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