go pro mount 3

You might have noticed the lack of posts this week. Things have been a little crazy with the laser testing and Valentines day. I did however manage to get one of these Actionpod’s by Dinkum in.  This version is designed for lightweight items like LED panels or the Gopro hero 3.

go pro mount 5

The attachment clamp on this Actionpod is strong enough to smash a finger and requires a strong grip to open. With just a quick test I was able to lift a chair in the air a few inches using only the clamp. The flexible knuckles on the Actionpod provide a fairly ridged adjustment point for lightweight items like the Gopro hero 3.  With a bit of effort you can separate the joints to add different attachments or change the length of the unit depending on your need.

go pro mount 11

The price of the Actionpod is about the same as a friction arm with a clamp. Both of these can be used to accomplish about the same task so the question becomes, which works best for you? I plan to spend a little more time messing around with the Actionpod before I post a full review.

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