Several of you have been asking for more info on the rotating display table I posted a few days ago. Here’s a video with a number of products displayed to give you an idea of the speed and motion of the unit. As you can see the motion is nice and smooth. Diffidently worth considering if you do a lot of product shots in your videos.

Turn Table 2

The last test shot is an old ammo case with two sand bags inside. The digital scale said it was 19 pounds and the rotating display table still moved nice and smooth which means heavier products shouldn’t be an issue. One thing you’ll notice is that some of the products move clockwise and some move counter clockwise. Every 3rd or 4th time I would turn the table on it would change directions. Not 100% sure if that’s how it’s designed to work, but it happens consistently.

If you are in the market you can find the turn table above which supports 10KG (22 pounds) for $49 and a turn table that supports 1kg (2.2 pounds) for $24 on ebay.

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