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19Feb DSLR Camera rig mounting options

Everyone has their own opinion on how things should be mounted on a rig, but there are a few basic bits and pieces you’ll need in order to get started. First, lets answer a very common question. What is the difference between a hot shoe and cold shoe? A “hot shoe” has active electronics attached […]

26Mar NastyClamp vs Actionpod which one is right for your kit?

I’ve been playing around with the NastyClamp as well as the Actionpod for a few weeks now trying to decide which one is a better fit. Both use the same 3/4 inch Loc-line tube so they both have pretty much the same load capacity. The major difference is in the squeeze clamp and mounting stud. […]

12Mar Nasty Clamp rigidity test, will it support a large flash?

In an effort to test the rigidity of the Nasty Clamp, I mounted a Canon 580 ex II flash with batteries at an angled position and left it on the Nasty Clamp over night. This is basically the same test I ran with the Actionpod. The flash with batteries works out to ruffly 3 pounds […]

17Feb ActionPod the Flexible Gopro mount

You might have noticed the lack of posts this week. Things have been a little crazy with the laser testing and Valentines day. I did however manage to get one of these Actionpod’s by Dinkum in.  This version is designed for lightweight items like LED panels or the Gopro hero 3. The attachment clamp on this Actionpod is strong enough to […]

29Jan DSLR Cage mounting options

Sometimes you need to mount a lot of stuff around your DSLR. In this case I have 7 cold shoe adapters, 2 friction arms, a Sony CLM V55 monitor, a stereo mixer, and two Sennhieser G2 wireless mics all attached to a Letus35 DSLR Cage. I wouldn’t want to hand hold this mess, but for tripod […]

10Apr Boom pole mounting option for your field recorder

If you’re looking for a low profile option that allows you to mount your field recorder directly to a boom pole this could be an easy way to go. Basically it’s just a small clamp from a friction arm combined with the very low price metal quick release plates I posted awhile back. It doesn’t […]

11Apr Cool Little flex arms with clamp.

I picked these up off ebay a few weeks ago and they’re pretty handy. The larger friction arm and clamp combo (11 inch) runs about $62, and the smaller friction arm and clamp combo (7 inch) is $49. The smaller friction arm also includes that little cold shoe adapter. The clamps are a lot smaller […]