I picked these up off ebay a few weeks ago and they’re pretty handy. The (11 inch) runs about $62, and the (7 inch) is $49. The smaller friction arm also includes that little cold shoe adapter. The clamps are a lot smaller and lighter then a Super Clamp but strong enough to hold some weight.

The nice thing about the clamp is that it’s small enough to attach to 15mm rails. Which could be great for a boom mic, monitor, or field recorder. Just as an example I mounted my Lilliput monitor and Haier monitor to the carbon fiber rails on my CPM FILM TOOLS rig. The clamps hold firm and the arms give you plenty of room to adjust your equipment.

Add a and you can adapt this to all kinds of stuff. I think both arms are nice but it might be worth it to spend the extra $13 on the longer arm. Either way, if you’re looking for a nice arm to attach to the rails on your rig, these low price arms are defiantly something to consider.


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