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06Mar Smallrig EVF arm slips under pressure, here’s a quick fix

I’ve been testing out the Smallrig 1422 EVF Nato mount arm a little more this week and I ran into a bit of a problem. The setup above (MustHD 5.6 inch panel on the Smallrig EVF mount) seems to be a dangerous combination. I’ll admit that the MustHD is one of the heaviest monitors in this form factor with […]

13Sep Ram mount 1″ ball adapters: buyers guide

I’m a big fan of Ram Mount 1 inch ball adapters, they’re easy to mount, come in all kinds of configurations, and they’re very rugged. The only problem with Ram Mount is that they make a lot of stuff and because of that their website is about as organized as a riot in a prison yard. Whats worse […]

11Apr Cool Little flex arms with clamp.

I picked these up off ebay a few weeks ago and they’re pretty handy. The larger friction arm and clamp combo (11 inch) runs about $62, and the smaller friction arm and clamp combo (7 inch) is $49. The smaller friction arm also includes that little cold shoe adapter. The clamps are a lot smaller […]