I often get questions about memory cards. Well i’ve already covered Compact flash cards for the 7d/5d mark II so lets take a look at SDHC cards.

The canon t2i data rate is ruffly 45Mbits per second which is about 5.89Mbytes per second. Since class 4 cards are only designed to handle 4Mbytes a second they are probably not a good choice for filming with your t2i/60d. Class 6 cards can handle 6Mbytes per second which is just enough to handle the video footage coming from your t2i/60d.

However the price for Class 10 cards has dropped dramatically over the last 6 months to the point that there isn’t a good reason to risk using Class 6 cards. Class 10 cards can handle 10Mbytes a second which gives you plenty of head room for video recording.

Plus if you plan to use the Magic lantern hack you might end up wanting to record at even higher bit rates then canon intended. So for a price difference of about $3 it’s worth it to spend a little extra and pick up a class 10 card.

Sandisk (as always) has the highest price Class 10 Cards on the market. You don’t need to waste your money on the brand. I would try one of the other brands like Transcend, ADATA, or PNY. All of which offer class 10 cards that work great for video in your t2i.

As I’m typing this it looks like Transcend is the lowest price right now.

The crazy new sandisk SDXC cards are very fast and well over $100 a card so unless you use your money for toilet paper I would wash those cards from your mind.

Equipment used in this video:
Canon 7d
Canon 35mm f1.8
Zoom h1
sennheiser g2 wireless mic
CPM film tools Rig
Lilliput hdmi monitor