Super Clamps are handy little devices. You don’t have to use them with a manfrotto magic arm for them to come in handy. One Great use for them is mounting your zoom h4n. Using the stud that comes with your super clamp you can mount a threaded cold show adapter:

or threading it into the super clamp stud:

Either way will provide you with a great way to mount your zoom h4n to your boom pole. I prefer the cold shoe because you can use it with one of these.

The zoom h4n is light enough that you wont be over taxed by the extra weight, and with the multiple mounting options on a super clamp you could always mount a wireless transmitter/receiver to send audio out or bring it in from other sources.

When i have to operate the boom mic from a long distance from the camera I often attach a wireless transmitter to send my audio back to the camera. That way my 7d has a good solid sync track for dualeyes to work with.

You can pick up the generic super clamp for around $16 to $20.

They also work great for mounting lights and other random gear.
Equipment used in this video:
Canon t2i
canon 35mm f1.4
Zoom h4n
Cowboy super clamp and manfrotto super clamp
Sennheiser g2 wireless transmitter