You may have noticed my lack of posts over the last month and there are a few reasons for that. The above reason happens to be my master bedroom. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of remodeling, let me fill you in. My house is old, as in 1892, which means there is only 1 outlet in this 15’x17′ bedroom. During the course of trying to fix this problem, we also discovered that there is no insulation in any of the walls.

The decision was made to remodel my master bedroom, the down side is that plaster dust infected most of my home. All camera gear, computers, 3d printers, music equipment, and electronics had to be covered with tarps until things were safe.

I was also enlisted by to cover Anime Nebraskon 2011 which turned out to be a great time, video footage to follow at some point. I also took a few days to work on a short film called Deadbolt which will end up being part of a feature length film that we hope to have finished by this time next year. There was also some work on a yet to be named sports documentary with several dozen interviews and a lot of time spent in football stadiums.

Last but not least, 3d printer number three is now running and fully operational. This latest monster is made by and was by far the easiest to assemble. All aluminum build allows it to print faster, which means, as of right now I’m completely caught up with all Noob Store orders. The holiday season is coming, so I might still have to disappear now and again over the next 2 months, but I should be a little bit more regular through the rest of the year.

Also to any of you in Dublin Ireland, I’ll be in your city the first week of December if you’d like to get together for a beer and some camera talk.