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For those of you who own the Z-cam E1 camera or are interested in buying one, Z-cam has just released version .21 of the camera’s firmware. You can download it via the Z-cam app. I had a lot of complaints about the first iteration of the Z-cam E1, but with this update Z-cam is finally starting to make progress on this little camera.

The original .16 firmware, had numerous focusing issues and would lock up the camera when some lenses were installed. Auto focus was out of the question for many lenses, and even things like O.I.S. (optical image stabilization) and fly by wire manual focusing was an issue on some of my Olympus and Panasonic glass.

Z-cam e1 Lens list-1

With firmware version .21, the Z-cam team has made some strides. Auto focus has been fixed on every M43 AF capable lens I own, and the O.I.S. seems to be working well on my Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 lens. Image quality has improved noticeably with the update and if Z-cam continues with the improvements, the E1 might even give the Blackmagic Micro a run for its money.

I’ve tested every AF capable lens in my collection and here’s the list of current working lenses on the Z-cam E1 camera.



I’ll try to keep the list above up to date as more lenses are tested. I think that the Z-cam E1 could really be a decent option for a tiny 4k gopro replacement. They just need to keep the price under something like the Panasonic G7 and continue to improve the firmware. At the kickstarter price, it’s a pretty good value, but at the estimated street price of $699, unless you really need the form factor, you may as well buy a Panasonic G7 body for $600.

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