Hero 3 black edition (2 of 2)

I’ve been shooting allot with the Hero 3 black edition lately and do to a misunderstanding I had about how the Gopro Studio software works, I was unaware that you could batch convert files to .avi or .mov, instead I was exporting each file individually using the export option in step 3 of the program, this isn’t a big deal for one or two clips but if you are dealing with 10 or 15 clips it can be a real pain. In an effort to help others, I thought I’d post what I’ve learned after talking to Gopro’s software engineering┬áDavid Newman.

Gopro software

At the very bottom of the screen in step one there is a very small “CHANGE DIRECTORY” button. If you click on that you can set your export folder. This seems pretty simple now, but I was distracted by the larger “Export” button at the top of the screen and hadn’t really noticed it.

Screen grab

Once you’ve set the output directory, click on the advanced settings button and set up your output format. AVI and MOV are standard but you can make adjustments to quality and size.

Crop hero studio 2

When you’ve got your export format selected in advanced settings, hold down shift and select the clips you would like to convert from the import panel. ┬áThen hit the “add clips to Conversion list” button on the bottom right of the screen.

Gopro software 2

After you’re clips are selected, hit the “Convert all” button and wait. When the clips are converted, you can basically skip steps 2 and 3. Add the converted clips to your NLE and adjust the color in Premiere pro. Adobe CC has native support for Cineform files so there really isn’t any need to do anything else with the Gopro Studio app.

I had wrongly assumed that you were required to go through all 3 steps in order to export files. Up until now I used the app so little that I’d never bothered looking into what was output in step one. I guess it’s easy to overlook the really simple stuff.

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