My SmallHD DP4 is a pretty good monitor overall, but when I ordered it the price was $549 for the monitor alone and $745 if you wanted the extra EVF adapter kit. It seems Smallhd has decided to lower their prices a bit, the DP4 price has dropped $100 to $449, and the DP4-EVF kit is now down to $599. If the price was that low last year when I ordered mine I probably would have paid the extra $50 to get the EVF adapter (even though I’m not a fan of the whole eye peace thing).

So if you’re still in the market for a monitor and you aren’t overwhelmed by all the options, the DP4 is yet another HDMI monitor to check out. Build quality is great, battery adapter plate is nice, and the picture quality isn’t to bad either. The focus peaking feature is also one of the better focus assist tools on the market. My monitor has overheated on me a few times in hot weather and the price is higher then other options but the build quality is better then most in it’s class. If you’re interested, check out for more info.