I’ve started using the Jangus Wireless wii units on a couple of projects with very positive results, but the last shoot I was on lasted over 9 hours which was more time then the built in battery on the transmitter could handle. I had two of these stereo transmitters with me so it wasn’t a big issue to replace one set with a the other, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep the units running longer with an extended battery?

That’s where the Powergen USB battery pack comes in. The 5200 mAh (5.2 Amp hours) battery pack has enough power to charge both transmitter and receiver of the Jangus Wireless units or the Airline Micro wireless units and if you are willing to buy two of these battery packs you could piggy back one to the transmitter and one to the receiver for even longer battery life. Of course the battery pack is also a good way to charge your cellphone or tablet on long flights as it was originally intended.

The 5200 mAh battery pack only provides a single USB power connection (5 volts), but monitors and other gear often require a 9 volt or 12 volt source. The Anker Astro3 10000 mAh (10 Amp hours) still has a nice polished package but provides you with two usb charging ports, a 9 volt source, and a 12 volt source. So you could actually use this to power a monitor and an Airline micro wireless receiver at the same time, or any other combination you could think of for that matter.

If you really want to get your hands dirty you could even combine the Anker Astro3 10000 mAhwith a

and a battery adapter to power your camera directly. Even with the extra parts it would still be much more affordable then some of the Tekkeon battery options out there. More on this project in a few weeks.

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