Our flight just landed in Athens this afternoon, and after sleeping off the jet lag, I’ve managed to make my way down to Monastiraki square for some Mythos and food carts. The weather here is great, but internet is sometimes hard to find, so posts might be limited over the next 2 weeks.

Just before I left the states I finally managed to find a mint condition Canon 135mm f2 on Craigslist. The first two I looked at were labeled as “lightly used” which apparently means broken focus ring and scratched glass, but it seems the 3rd time is the charm. The copy I finally managed to buy (above), was still in it’s original box and it doesn’t look like it’s been used more then once or twice since the previous owner bought it.

I’ll be using the Canon 135mm f2 as I travel out to the islands of Mykonos and Crete to get a feel for how it fits into  my collection. Ultra fast focusing speeds and very sharp images from corner to corner are great (even at f2). It’s easy to see why many people love this lens. More to follow as I have time and internet access.