Seeing this little $75 motion controller in action makes me want to re-watch Johnny Mnemonic. It also got me thinking about editing, the method and interaction with clips and the use of  timelines hasn’t dramatically changed since editors started using computers. Sure there has been some innovation, Sony Vegas for example has controls that more closely resemble Audio programs like Ableton Live making it easy for musicians to move into video production. But no matter what editing software you use the basic concept is the same. Select your clip drag it into the timeline, make some length adjustments, and export your file.

But what if you could use a motion controller to make subtle adjustments to the color correction, raise and lower audio faders, scrub through clip previews, and possibly adapt it to work with rotoscoping and cropping tools. I’m sure this sort of editing wouldn’t cover everything but it certainly would be a unique way to handle editing tasks. Even a using something like this with color grading wheels could be handy. Some clever developer should start working on that.