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09Apr Tascam DR-05 v.s. the Zoom H1, test and review.

I was able to spend a day messing around the Tascam DR-05. It’s definitely built better then the Zoom H1. The controls deliver a satisfying click when pressed, and there are no loose parts. The Tascam DR-05 also has a number of features that the Zoom H1 is missing including power for an external mic, the ability […]

25Feb More on Adding audio monitoring to your DSLR.

As promised here is the how to video guide, along with a quick demo. Yes My headphones are lime green, I know. Back on subject, you’ll notice in the video that the Red HDMI cable is plugged in and working at the same time as the usb-composite adapter (Canon AVC-400ST is the proper name). Since […]