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19Dec Aviator Travel Jib – First impressions

This is a kickstarter project I’ve been waiting on for awhile and it’s finally here. The Aviator Travel Jib is an ultra portable 6 foot Jib that weighs in at a little under 4 pounds and folds up to right at 24 inchs. In the case you’ll find the travel Jib, a few peaces of hardware, […]

13Jun The Aviator Travel Jib Camera Crane Kickstarter project

The Aviator Travel Jib is basically a collapsible, light weight mini crane. It has a maximum length of 6 feet and a load capacity of 6lbs, yet when Folded up the Aviator Travel Jib is only 24 inches long. Designed with light weight cameras in mind, It’s basically the crane equivalent of the Konova slider, small, […]