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05Apr New Bluetooth Combo Video test.

I’m still sick, but as promised, here is that video test of the new Bluetooth transmitter setup in action. I have to say these are the best results I’ve had. This setup is completely usable and very clean. In the test I’m simply recording audio directly into the built in mic on my zoom h1 […]

23Mar More Bluetooth Wireless audio testing.

I’ve spent a few hours off and on over the last few nights running tests on that Bluetooth wireless audio setup and I’ve discovered two problem. Both of which are in the Bluetooth transmitter. The first is that the noise is actually coming from the transmitter. Here are some audio samples. One from my phone’s […]

11Mar $35 wireless Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver.

Just got home from the trip and found my next¬†experiment in the post office box. On the left is a Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter ($19) and on the right is a Stereo Bluetooth Receiver ($16). I have to let them charge for about 4 hours before I can begin testing, but I’m hopping I can pair […]