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12Jul Linco Flora 4500W 3 piece lighting kit sale and some thoughts on CFL lighting

Linco actually sells good lighting kits, but the pricing on a normal starter kit like the one above usually comes in at around $900 for a 2 light kit and goes up from there. But right now they are offering their Flora lighting kits for a little bit better than half price ($427 buy it now with free […]

21Mar Affordable Cowboystudio CFL lighting rig Sold out.

I’ve received a number of e-mails asking about that Cowboystudio 1200 watt (equivalent) studio light setup. Apparently it’s completely sold out and many of you are looking for an alternative. Youtube member Levene1 sent me a message with info on a lighting rig that’s the same price and pretty much the same configuration. The only difference between the Cowboystudio 1200 watt […]

13Mar Affordable 300 watt CFL lighting setup

People are always looking for affordable lighting rigs and I’ve received a number of e-mails asking for lighting ideas that fit into a $100 budget. I’m a big fan of CFL bulbs for their life span, power draw, and low temperature performance. There are also a lot of lighting options out there that use CFL […]