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16Dec Canon C100 – first impressions

I’ve been doing a bit of shooting with the Canon c100 lately. Many people rant and rave about how much of a step up it is from a 5d mark III or any DSLR body for that matter. While I’ve enjoyed shooting with it, i’m not exactly in love. Currently the most disappointing thing about […]

05Dec Permanent price drop on Canon 6d?

The Canon 6d bounces around in price quite a bit, but the average price up until recently has been around $1700. After the round of black Friday and cyber Monday sales started to taper off, the Canon 6d remains at $1507 with free shipping on Amazon. Is this the new standard price for a 6d […]

12Apr Canon 1D C Cinema EOS announcement

The Canon 1DX has yet to be released and Canon has already announced its bigger brother the Canon 1D C. Basically a video oriented version of the 1DX with some added frame rate options (24 through 60 at 1080p) and of course the ability to shoot 4k at 24fps Motion JPEG. All this recorded to Dual CF cards with no […]