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28Jan DSLR Film Makers Tool Box kick starter project

Steve the designer of CPM’s camera rigs has put this kickstarter project together. The DSLR Film Makers Tool Box includes a camera Cube Cage, Shoulder rig, and machined aluminum slider for $500. That’s pretty much everything you need to get started as far as rigs, mounting, and motion are concerned. The kickstarter effort is going towards the machining and […]

26Jul Used Gear Watch: CPM film tools Cage

I use a number of CPM camera rigs and they’ve done a pretty good job, but the price can be a little out of range for many budgets. A CPM cube cage for example will run you around $260, not a bad price, but still more then some of the lenses people film with.  However, if […]

13Mar CPM Camera Rigs Lightweight Gear Head

If you’ve ever had the joy of using a gear head it’s like riding in first class, going back to a fluid head feels like you’ve been bumped back to couch. In the past Gear Head’s would set you back well over $10,000. CPM is now offering the first low price option that I know […]