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29Jan DSLR Cage mounting options

Sometimes you need to mount a lot of stuff around your DSLR. In this case I have 7 cold shoe adapters, 2 friction arms, a Sony CLM V55 monitor, a stereo mixer, and two Sennhieser G2 wireless mics all attached to a Letus35 DSLR Cage. I wouldn’t want to hand hold this mess, but for tripod […]

21Jan Flashpoint DSLR Camera Cage – First impressions

The Flashpoint DSLR Camera cage showed up while I was out of town over the weekend. A few of you were asking if the cage had enough room for a battery grip, the answer is yes. In fact you can loosen the two thumb screws on either side of the unit to adjust the height up […]

14Jan Flashpoint DSLR Camera Cage

Need a lot of cold shoe mounting points on the cheap? The Flashpoint Camera cage might be something to check out. At $64 this thing has 5 cold shoe mounts on either side, 9 across the top, as well as 2 clamp type cold shoe mounts, and through holes all over the rig. The cage itself […]

20Apr Varavon Armor Mini Rig System for the Canon 5D Mark II

The Varavon Armor is an interesting take on the whole cage concept. It doesn’t really protect the entire camera like some other cages out there. Instead it adds extra mounting points on the frame along with a forward facing mounting bracket above the lens for a microphone adapter. It also has some oddly placed handle […]

11Apr Letus Talon 1DmkIV cage with the Canon t2i fully loaded

Even though this Letus Talon Cage was designed for the Canon 1D Mark IV, it does a very good job of protecting the fragile plastic body of the Canon T2i and it’s battery grip. The reason I point this out, is that Letus Currently has this Cage on Sale for $250. At $499 the cage […]

23Apr CPM FILM TOOLS DSLR Aviator Cage Review

Before I dive into this review, if you haven’t noticed I mispronounced Aviator through out the video. I left the “i” out in my notes and I didn’t notice the mistake until I finished. I didn’t have the time to go back and correct it, so there you have it. The CPM FILM TOOLS DSLR […]