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05Mar Aputure VS-3 IPS monitor Firmware update

If you are an Aputure VS-3 monitor owner, there’s a new firmware update out. Version 1.3 corrects the menu system when using the monitor flip mode. If you are running a firmware version prior to 1.1 it will also correct the focus peaking issue that basically made the menu unreadable while enabled. I’ve been using the Aputure […]

04Jul Google Nexus 7 tablet, your next DSLR monitor?

I’ve been using a Nook Color for the past few years as a useful place to store manuals, books, and other random PDF style information. It’s also been handy as a web browser and simple gaming device, but I’ve been wanting to replace it with something that could handle the DSLR controller app. Sure I […]

23May H005 Real Pic 5.6 inch 1280×800 hdmi monitor – first impression/last impressions

The H005 Real Pic monitor showed up yesterday (shipping from china was surprisingly fast). The package was your standard brown paper bag wrapped around the product with some bubble wrap. No cellophane around the box and it looks like it has been opened before. The monitor itself is packaged in a nice foam cut out and comes with […]

12Jul The dirt cheap monitor died. Meet its replacement, the Sony CLM v55.

I’ve been using that little dirt cheap monitor for a number of months,but it finally took a fall from 10 feet and abruptly decided to stopped working. The size has made it one of the most used monitors in my collection. Manly because it easily fits in my camera bag and runs all day on […]