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24Apr How much does a GPU really affect your Adobe Premiere workflow?

I’ve been talking about GPU upgrades so I thought I’d post some rendering tests I did awhile back on the GTX 670 and the GTX 285 with CS6. Adobe CS6 is a bit long in the tooth now that CC is out, but I still know a lot of people who use it. The specs on […]

17Sep Mecury playback engine GTX 670 v.s. GTX 285 speed test

Just made it back from Boston on Saturday night and had a little bit of time to run some rendering speed tests on the GTX 670 and the GTX 285 with CS6 (finally made the upgrade).  I used two timelines, the first I’ll call the “Easy timeline” which is composed of a 2 minute and 42 second […]

02Aug The GTX 670 4GB for CS5.5

After all of that research into graphics cards, I was dead set on the GTX 570 as the next upgrade to my editing workstation. But when I was about to check out, I saw Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” banner at the bottom of the screen with the GTX 670 4GB card at the front […]