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05Mar Aputure VS-3 IPS monitor Firmware update

If you are an Aputure VS-3 monitor owner, there’s a new firmware update out. Version 1.3 corrects the menu system when using the monitor flip mode. If you are running a firmware version prior to 1.1 it will also correct the focus peaking issue that basically made the menu unreadable while enabled. I’ve been using the Aputure […]

08Dec Viltrox DC-50 HDMI monitor review w/ side by side Sony CLM-V55 comparison

I’ve been meaning to finish up this review for about 2 months now, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I’ve had a pretty heavy shooting schedule over the last 5 months. Everything for this review was actually filmed almost 3 months ago, I just hadn’t had the free time to sit […]

23Mar Sony 5 inch HDMI monitor clone $195 Viltrox DC-50

I’ve owned a Sony CLM V55 5 inch HDMI monitor for almost 3 years and it’s my go to monitor for most things. Sure I own a SmallHD DP4, but it over heats in hot weather and doesn’t last nearly as long on a single battery or two batteries for that matter. Plus I’ve always […]

22May Flashpoint LCD 8″ Monitor with built in Remote shutter trigger

(Special thanks to Yiannis for pointing this out to me) The Flashpoint LCD 8 inch monitor is an interesting concept. You basically get an 8 inch hdmi monitor that doubles as a remote shutter trigger and wireless standard definition monitor for $499. An 8 inch monitor is right at the limit of what you’d want to […]

12Jul The dirt cheap monitor died. Meet its replacement, the Sony CLM v55.

I’ve been using that little dirt cheap monitor for a number of months,but it finally took a fall from 10 feet and abruptly decided to stopped working. The size has made it one of the most used monitors in my collection. Manly because it easily fits in my camera bag and runs all day on […]