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29Apr CHAUVET LED Pinspots for that undead look

I was working on the set of a horror feature last week, shooting in an old warehouse. The scene we were working on required our actress to come into view out of the darkness in undead makeup and the director asked if I had anything that would emphasize the dead and pale look that our makeup artist was going for. The […]

21Mar Affordable Cowboystudio CFL lighting rig Sold out.

I’ve received a number of e-mails asking about that Cowboystudio 1200 watt (equivalent) studio light setup. Apparently it’s completely sold out and many of you are looking for an alternative. Youtube member Levene1 sent me a message with info on a lighting rig that’s the same price and pretty much the same configuration. The only difference between the Cowboystudio 1200 watt […]

13Mar Affordable 300 watt CFL lighting setup

People are always looking for affordable lighting rigs and I’ve received a number of e-mails asking for lighting ideas that fit into a $100 budget. I’m a big fan of CFL bulbs for their life span, power draw, and low temperature performance. There are also a lot of lighting options out there that use CFL […]

22Feb Delkin DDMOUNT-VISE camera mounting clamp

Need to mount your camera in a car for green screen work or attach your field recorder just out of frame to the back of that chair? Well this should solve your problem. The Delkin DDMOUNT is basically a vise attached to a 360 degree swivel mount ball and arm with a 1/4 20 on […]